Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Workshop Progress update 3

25 X 25 X1.6 square tube has been formed for the structural elements, this is strong yet light, and allows the inner and outer skin to be attached, originally this vehicle was wood framed, and all that rotted out and fell apart.
Sheet metal bracing has been spot welded to the chords to add strength, and also looks "aircraft".
More internal bracing to support the rear bulkhead.

The rear bulkhead and parcel shelf area will be constructed with a double skin to reduce NHV (noise, harshness, vibration) being transmitted into the passenger compartment.
Inner 1/4 panel sub-structure has been formed and trial fitted, ready to weld into position when the inner wheel-arches are shaped.

As parts are formed, they are temporarily held in place with Clecos, which are used in the aviation industry for holding sheet metal panels in place for riveting, they are easily inserted and removed while trial fitting parts'

The wheel tubs were formed using the shrinking dies on the Pullmax to tip the edge, then an extension welded on to the tipped edge, and shaped with an air planishing hammer, and finally, smoothed with the English Wheel.

After the 1/4 panel alignment was secured, the tailgate was constructed, using holden Rodeo hinges and latches.

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