Monday, 9 April 2012

Dirt Track racing- California- 1940s


Shot by Elmer Dyer.
00:00 Slate: �"Hot Rod Picture Dalzell�
VS interiors and exteriors of hot rods, drivers at track somewhere in Southern California
00:23 Moving shot looking backward at hot rods racing on track
01:30 Slate: �""San Diego Bill Bass�" (drivers posing)
01:41 Slate: �""Connie Wiedel LA�"
01:51 Slate: �""Fred Pope San Diego�"
02:02 Slate: �""Dan Marruffo�" (driver posing with friends behind car)
02:16 Slate: �""Jim Rathman�"
02:34 Other drivers posing, prepping cars for race
02:57 General shots looking down at cars rounding track, crowd in stands

Above are some links to Dirt track racing in California- 1940

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  1. One of the drivers, Fred Pope, was my father. He died in a car accident on the Grapevine, Hwy 99 in 1949 8 months before I was born. This is the first live picture I have of him. What a thrill.
    Jim Pope Bellingham Wa 360-319-5487