Saturday, 3 March 2012

Workshop progress updates

As the title suggests, I aim to add photos and a description of what I achieve on customers and my own car projects.
I will start with the current priority build, a 1936 Ford coupe ute, it came here because the owner had viewed my Model A Roadster Pick-up at Motorex 2011, and he felt I could deliver what he wanted.
Stage 1 was to involve re-aligning the cab and doors, fabricating quarter panels and tailgate and steeling-out where the wood framework used to be The door hinges were frozen, and the lower door sections had been busted out.
burst proof door latches were fitted after freeing up the hinges and temporarily bracing the door frames to allow correcting door gaps.
The cab roof had dropped, and it was jacked up and braced with temporary supports to maintain proportions.

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